4-5 Days                      3 Days                         2 Days

Full Days                   $230/wk                      $190/wk                      $175/wk
Half Days                   $190/wk                      $175/wk                      $150/wk

Two Year Olds
Full Days                    $195/wk                      $165/wk                      $140/wk
Half Days                    $165/wk                      $140/wk                      $125/wk

Three Year Olds to Pre-k
Full Days                    $185/wk                      $160/wk                      $130/wk         
Half Days                    $160/wk                      $130/wk                      $115/wk

*You have the option of paying by the week, semimonthly or by the month. If paying semimonthly or monthly, please be aware that there are 4 months out of the year with 5 weeks and the rate will be 5 times the weekly rate instead of 4 times the weekly rate.
*If extra days of care are needed, please inquire ahead of time for available openings.  If openings are not available, The Learning Patch will not be able to accommodate.
Extra full days: $65/day          Extra half days: $50/day
(Sibling discount will not apply to extra days added)

Annual Registration Fee:
$75.00     New enrollees due: At time of enrollment.